About Athena Foods

The world does resist the taste that comes from the South.

Athena Foods is a company that belongs to Minerva S/A. Leader in South America's global beef export market, its operations are located in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The Company knows the value of healthy diet and meets the most demanding levels of quality and taste in the most sophisticated markets.

Athena Foods offers its customers high quality products with internationally recognized brands, exporting excellence and quality to the four corners of the world.


Our competence in beef goes beyond the Chilean border.

Get to know our slaughter and deboning plants, processing units and distribution centers.

For being strategically located in Latin American countries, they guarantee to the world the most efficient delivery of a broad and complete line of animal proteins.

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Athena Foods has the largest meat exporter in Argentina, with five production plants, a capacity to slaughter 5,050 head of cattle per day, a distribution center and two processing units for cattle and poultry.

Swift Argentina has the most rigorous quality and sanitary controls, beginning with the traceability of the animals throughout the entire industrial process, and finishing with the delivery of the final product, in the point of sale.

All of this meticulous attention with production, together with the cross between the European breeds Hereford and Aberdeen Angus and the abundance of pastures is responsible for Argentine meat being exported to China, Chile, Russia, and the EU, among others, and being considered one of the best in the world.

Distribution center:
  • Pilar
Industrial units:
  • Berazategui
  • Colonia Caroya
  • Pontevedra
  • Rosario
  • Venado Tuerto
Processing units:
  • Pilar
  • Rosario

Chile was chosen as headquarters of Athena Foods because it is one of the main markets in South America and has high levels of governance. It has two distribution centers, located in strategic areas to meet increasingly strict daily demands.

The corporate offices of the Company are also located in Chile and it is from where the operations in Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia and Argentina are managed.

Distribution centers:
  • Concepción
  • Santiago

Athena Foods’ industrial unit in Colombia has a slaughter capacity of 850 head of cattle per day and is located in Ciénaga de Oro, the largest cattle-raising region in the country, with breeds such as Brahman, Gir, Nelore and Guzerá. The Company also has a distribution center in Bogota.

The quality policy includes the entire production chain, with visits to farms and evaluation of steers. The high availability of natural pastures and investment in genetic improvement has greatly contributed to the quality of the cattle in the country.

This policy complies not only with national norms, but also international ones, which allowed the plant to conquer export licenses to Russia, Lebanon, Jordan, Vietnam, among others. International trade is even more favored thanks to the unit’s privileged location, which allows it to supply the Atlantic Ocean through the Cartagena port and the Pacific Ocean through the Buenaventura port.

Distribution center:
  • Bogotá
Industrial units:
  • Ciénaga de Oro
  • Bucaramanga

Athena Foods has five industrial units in Paraguay, located in Asuncion, Belen and San Antonio, which together have a slaughter capacity of 5,400 head of cattle per day, making it one of the most important slaughterhouses in the country. Besides the industrial units, the Company has a distribution center in Asuncion.

Paraguay has invested in quality and production of herds of the breeds Nelore, Brahman, Brangus and Braford, which feed predominantly on grass. This investment helps those brands gain international recognition and to market in countries like Russia, Chile, Brazil, and Israel, among others.

In this country, the Company seeks a closer relationship with farmers, in order to create strong bonds between company and suppliers, as well as opening up space for dialogue, exchange of ideas and information through talks and trainings.

Distribution center:
  • Asunción
Industrial units:
  • Asunción (3 units)
  • Belén
  • San Antonio

With a slaughter capacity of 3,200 head of cattle per day, the three industrial plants of Athena Foods in Uruguay, located in Canelones, Carrasco and Melo, are the most respected in the market, producing and exporting quality meat, ensured by a high-level industrial process, due to the harmony between the company departments and a partnership with farmers, who provide the best Uruguayan cattle.

The Company has specialized in the production of meat originating from Hereford and Aberdeen Angus cattle, raised in natural pastures and slaughtered when they’re steers.

The units have high levels of quality and reliability, and reach distant markets, such as countries in the EU, China, USA and Israel, with highly standardized products, making Athena Foods a reference in international meat trade and positioning its brands among the most important in the global market.

Industrial units:
  • Canelones
  • Carrrasco
  • Melo
Distribution centers Industrial units Processing units
Argentina Chile Colombia Paraguay 3 Uruguay


Sustainability is rooted in the pillars of Athena Foods. Feeding people, conserving the planet and valuing the human being are fundamental concepts for our operation.

From the field to the table of our clients, we have a model of sustainable growth, respect for the environment and we care about the development of all the stakeholders that integrate the productive chain.

Sustainable Livestock practices discipline the social, environmental and economic commitment to the chains of production value, processing and distribution of quality food.

Extensive Cattle raising is a reality in 100% of our production systems in Colombia and Uruguay (together, they stand for 20% of our total production capacity).

The result is our strong participation in industry groups, round tables, and events that bring together government institutions, civil society and stakeholders.

In line with IFC's standards, Athena Foods is currently the only one in the sector in Latin American to gain recognition from the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group for operating with sustainable practices and value creation for the entire production chain.

Sustainability Report 2019

Sustainability Report 2020


High quality, reliability and tradition are essential in the food market.

For this reason, Athena Foods develops, produces and sells high-quality protein products under the following brands worldwide:


Chile to once again taste Colombia's beef cuts

In the next few days, the first four containers of Colombian beef from the Athena Foods company will arrive after the reopening of the southern market, an action within the framework of the National Government's health diplomacy strategy, in which ProColombia, ICA, Invima and the Trade and Agriculture portfolios are participating.