Rib Eye: the first Premium meat export to China was made


For the first time, Argentina placed high-quality chilled beef into the Asian market. This takes place after the protocol entered into force, which increases trade of meat products in the Asian market.

Argentina sent its first shipment of Premium meats to the port in Shanghai, China.

This was reported by the Ministry of Agroindustry, led by Luis Etchevehere, who described the situation as “a new achievement in foreign trade.”

The shipment, which left Buenos Aires on Saturday June 22, consists of a high-value cut: chilled, vacuum-packed rib eye cuts.

Production took place in the plant that Swift Argentina, of the Brazilian group Minerva Foods, has in the province of Santa Fe and can send meat to over 40 countries.

The Ministry of Agroindustry highlighted that the first export of chilled meat cuts to China was possible thanks to the protocol – signed in 2018 and in force since June - which increases trade of meat products in the Asian market. Until now, China only allowed frozen boneless cuts. 

“This represents a great opportunity for the Argentine industry and for trade between both countries, since it means entering at the Chinese market, which is a new high-value segment with great demands”, said Etchevehere.

China is the main destination for Argentine beef. In 2018, beef sales to that country reached US$998 million, compared to the US$523 million obtained the year before.