For a premium barbecue, look for "marbled."


Barbecue is a must in 18th century traditions, but what should you look for to get a premium barbecue? The origin of beef and marbling are essential," explains Fabio Leone, commercial manager of Athena Foods, a Chilean company responsible for more than 30% of the beef consumed in the country and leader in the South American beef export market to the rest of the world.

The marbling has to do with the infiltration of fat that the animal can have during its fattening process. Thus, on the grill, the heat melts the fat that gives a special flavor to the meat. For example, beef that is exclusively of the Angus breed has a high degree of marbling, which is reflected in cuts with a homogeneous layer of fat, which are found in standard European or Uruguayan meat. Inside them is the smooth and vetoed loin: ideal for the grill, they are tender and juicy," says Leone.

According to the Athena Foods records, beef consumption increases 40% in Chile during the National Holidays, considering data from the entire market. The company sells the Cabañas Las Lilas (Argentina), Ana Paula Black Angus (Uruguay), Plate (Argentina), Frigomerc (Paraguay), Gran Prado (Paraguay) and Minerva (Brazil) brands in different supermarkets and other sales channels.

Leone explains that "50% of the meat consumed in the country is imported, where the volume of consumption is concentrated in products of Paraguayan and Brazilian origin. 43% prefer beef from Brazil, 37% from Paraguay and 17% prefer products from Argentina. Chile is one of the South American countries that consumes the most beef”.