The national government announced that the opening of a new meat processing plant in Santander will generate 1,000 jobs and help the economic reactivation of the countryside


During the Prevention and Action program, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Rodolfo Zea Navarro, announced the opening of a new beef processing plant in the district of Santander, which will generate 1,000 jobs and help the economic reactivation of the Colombian countryside. 

“This investment is the result of the investor confidence that, since the beginning of the government of President Iván Duque, we have made in sanitary and phytosanitary diplomacy, as well as in commercialization, opening new markets," said the head of the agricultural portfolio.

The new plant is part of the Athena Foods company, one of the leading exporters of beef from Colombia to different countries around the world. In addition, it has a presence in some countries in the region such as Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

"The Ministry of Commerce, Procolombia, the Ministry of Agriculture, the embassies, the Ministry of foreign relations, among others, are working together for the Countryside," added the Ministry of Agriculture. 

In addition, Minister Zea Navarro also announced that Colombian beef admissibility work plans are currently being carried out in countries such as China, Indonesia, Argentina and the United States, as well as the reopening of Chile and Russia.

Currently, the Ministry of Agriculture carries out support programs for the livestock sector such as bovine feeding, support for vaccination, compensation for exports, an incentive for transportation, purchase of agro-inputs and sustainable livestock. 

Finally, Minister Zea Navarro affirmed that investments such as Athena Foods "will allow us to continue on this path of exporting agricultural products and that this year we can once again break the record for agricultural exports that was broken last year." 

Figures of livestock in Colombia

  • Bovine inventory nationwide:  28,245,262 head of cattle in 655,661 properties. 

  • Livestock as a whole generates about 1,600,000 jobs.

  • Exports of carcass meat in 2019 were 18,260 tons and so far in 2020 they reach 15,640 tons. 

  • Exports of live cattle reached 86,422 head in 2019 and so far in 2020 they reach some 148,235 head. 

  • Meat imports in 2019 were 4,465 tons and in 2020 they are 2,289 tons.

  • The national production of meat in 2019 was 780,000 tons corresponding to 3,410,000 head and for 2020 to August there are 471,720 tons of meat production with a slaughter of 2,075,500 head of cattle. 

  • The main beef cattle departments are Antioquia, Casanare, Córdoba, Meta and Caquetá and the main dairy basins are Nariño, Antioquia, Cundinamarca and Boyacá.