How to preserve meat during these days


Have you ever wondered what the right way to store meat is? Should it be at a special temperature? Can you use any kind of bowl? It is normal that these questions become recurrent during these days when outings are limited, for example, to the supermarket.

Erica Kowarick, a nutritionist at Athena Foods, explains that it is a food that provides a great number of nutrients to the body. It has a high level of protein; vitamin B, such as B12 and B9; and minerals, such as iron and zinc. That's why at the moment of storing it is important to have some considerations.

"Temperature plays a key role"

Although several aspects influence its preservation, such as size, type of cut, the format in which it was purchased, among others; there are some basic standards to keep it in good condition.

Temperature is one of the most important factors. If it was bought fresh, vacuum-packed or on a tray, it must be refrigerated at a temperature of 4°C, in a clean, dry and airtight bowl, preferably in the lower compartments of the refrigerator.

Meat contains a considerable amount of water; this makes it very sensitive to bacterial contamination. In case it has been bought on a tray, it must be taken out of the container, throw away the liquid and store it.

The ideal bowls for storing food are made of glass; since plastic is much more porous, which makes it difficult to sanitize. In addition, it contains chemical elements that can sometimes pass into the food.

It is important to consider that the meat in the refrigerator must be consumed within 72 hours of purchase. Otherwise, it is advisable to keep it in the freezer. If this is done, when it is consumed it should be defrosted for several hours. Never defrost in the microwave or in the sun. The correct way to do this is for at least 12 hours in the refrigerator.

By taking these precautions, it will preserve its flavor and nutrients, being ready for any kind of preparation.