Colombia regained its sanitary status as a country free of foot-and-mouth disease


President Ivan Duque and the minister of agriculture, Andres Valencia, announced that the country regained its sanitary status as free of foot-and-mouth disease, with vaccination, after a notification from the World Organization for Animal Health.

“We did an arduous work of clearance and disinfection. In 2019, we carried out three cycles of vaccination against foot-and-mouth disease and increased border controls, measures which were stated in a report sent to the World Organization for Animal Health. Thanks to these efforts, Colombia managed to regain its certification,” said the minister of agriculture, Andres Valencia, in Paujil, department of Caquetá.

Regarding this accomplishment, the minister explained the effects of this good news on the country’s economy. 

“The Russian market should open up, as well as the Chinese market, which annually exports 4,500 million dollars of beef and is already interested in Colombia, and we already made a commitment to the Chinese government to send some experts to verify the situation in the field,” added Valencia.

President Duque said that they “have waited months to receive this news” and it is “a great news for the rural sectors, particularly the agriculture sector.”

He said this is “a significant step forward” after “the outbreak (of foot-and-mouth disease) faced in 2018”, when the country “took several precautions” and “reestablished permanent control.”

“Today, Colombia receives this great news and now wants to open up markets for the Colombian meat, in carcass, and reach the most demanding markets,” highlighted the president.