Chile to once again taste Colombia's beef cuts


In the next few days, the first four containers of Colombian beef from the Athena Foods company will arrive after the reopening of the southern market, an action within the framework of the National Government's health diplomacy strategy, in which ProColombia, ICA, Invima and the Trade and Agriculture portfolios are participating.

The great performance of beef exports is also being followed by the reopening of demanding markets, such as the Chilean market. Thus, four containers of beef from the Athena Foods company will be arriving in these first weeks of December. 

“Chile's Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) once again recognized the status of FMD-free country with vaccination through Resolution no. 7597 of 2020, which lifted the provisional measures regarding the import of beef from Colombia that had been established by Resolution no. 6378 of 2018, which has allowed, in addition to the lifting of the sanitary restrictions imposed, the agreement by ICA, INVIMA and SAG of a final protocol of sanitary requirements in order to guarantee the health and safety of Colombian meat exports and thus achieve the commercial use of this production line. This sanitary admissibility is very important for Colombia since Chile is a country historically free of foot-and-mouth disease, with one of the most demanding veterinary services. To date, ICA has certified the shipment of 195.8 tons of meat through the port of Cartagena," said Deyanira Barrero, general manager of ICA.

 For his part, Leandro Protzen, COO of Athena Foods in Colombia, said: “We proudly celebrate the reopening of the Chilean market, recognized worldwide for its strict requirements in terms of health, quality and food safety. This is a very important step that strengthens the fulfillment of our purpose of taking Colombian meat to strategic international markets. This joint achievement, product of the teamwork with the government and health authorities, reminds us that working with a vision of the sector provide us with greater efficiencies that translate into achievements of vital importance for the strengthening of the country’s livestock and economy”. 

While Flavia Santoro, President of ProColombia, indicated that “this is the result of the joint work of the Government's health diplomacy with the entities and the private sector. In this 2020, beef has been one of the great milestones in the country's agro-export basket, thanks to its quality cuts, and we will continue working to open more doors, in order to conquer different palates worldwide”. 

It is worth remembering that beef exports grew by 48.3% between January and September of this year, according to figures from Dane [National Administrative Department of Statistics] with analysis by ProColombia. This, by reaching US$ 79.4 million in the first nine months of the year. The main destinations that bought more Colombian beef were Lebanon, Russia, Jordan, Hong Kong and United Arab Emirates. While the departments that exported the most were Córdoba, Antioquia, Atlántico, Sucre and Santander.