Athena Foods inaugurates Respiratory Pavilion which expands the Belen Health Center


With the support of Athena Foods, after 27 years of its construction, the Health Center of the city of Belen, ConcepciĆ³n, expands its infrastructure as a contingency measure against the covid-19 pandemic.

In an official act, with the presence of Dr. Julio Mazzoleni, Minister of Health, the Breathing Pavilion of sanitary contingency was inaugurated, which expands the infrastructure of the Health Center of the city of Belen. The expansion was carried out by Athena Foods, as a donation for the whole community.

Dr. Heriberto Lezcano, director of the Health Center, said that approximately 12 thousand inhabitants will benefit from this expansion.

"I was born and grew up seeing many needs in the city of Belen. For us it is a historical fact that this Breathing Pavilion was built. Seeing that the number of beds is doubled will allow us to attend more patients in Belen, something that overwhelms us," said the director.

The new pavilion was equipped with eight articulated hospital beds with a metal base and a 90 x 190 cm mattress; two stretchers for doctor's offices; eight antibacterial curtains between hospital beds; eight small tables for hospital beds; air conditioning in the doctor's offices and hospital sector, with a renovation system; space for the admission of an ambulance; bathrooms, nursing sector; an electrical system with Led lighting; fire extinguishers; signage for emergency exits; eight support units for carrying blood bags; and 10 sets of sheets for the beds and stretchers.

Athena Foods received authorization from the MSPBS for the construction, which was completed in less than 30 days.

The work was carried out according to the specifications and functionalities recommended by the Design and Projects Department of the aforementioned Ministry of Health.

Athena Foods is a company controlled by Minerva SA, which was born as a leader in the global meat export market from South America to the world with operations in Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia, as well as a Distribution Center in Chile.

In Paraguay, the company has industrial units in Belen, San Antonio and Asuncion, where it also has a Distribution Center.