Athena Foods delivered 300 kilos of meat for a popular pot held in Bethlehem


Athena Foods entregó 300 kilos de carne para olla popular que se realizó en Belén

In order to support the solidarity feeding initiative in the community of Bethlehem, the company Athena Foods made a donation of 300 kg. of meat for the large popular pot that was held last Sunday, May 10th, for the benefit of citizens .

The activity was organized by the Municipality of Belén and had the objective of alleviating the situation that the community is going through due to the sanitary emergency decreed by COVID-19, making popular pots to feed the residents belonging to the 23 companies and 6 urban neighborhoods of the city.

The delivery of all the food was made on Friday, May 8th, by representatives of Athena Foods to the municipal authorities, complying with strict sanitary and sanitation regulations.

In this way, the company collaborates with the emergency situation and the difficult situation in the country.

Athena Foods is a company controlled by Minerva SA, which was born as a leader in the global meat export market from South America to the world with operations in Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, as well as a Distribution Center in Chile.

The company has 5 industrial units in Paraguay, located in Asuncion, Belen and San Antonio, making it one of the most important refrigerators in the country. In addition to the industrial units, it has a Distribution Center in Asunción.

Source: ValorAgro