8 key points to prepare a good barbecue


8 key points to prepare a good barbacue

At the end of the year, barbecues become a good alternative for sharing with family, friends and co-workers. Here are some key points to let your guests speechless.

1. How to preserve meat?

It is advisable to buy a vacuum-packed meat. It is not recommended that the meat is seasoning for a long time and should be kept at the indicated temperature until the expiration date. Do not allow the meat to suffer thermal shocks as this could ruin it.

2. Which ingredients are essential to temper the meat?

Salt and black pepper. It is recommended to put salt in meat at preparation, not earlier.

3.What indicates the fat color of a beef steak?

Indicates the age of the animal. The yellowish/orange fats tend to be from older animals and, consequently, are harder meat; while the whiter fats correspond to younger animals, which are softer and tastier meats.

4.Which cuts are great for baking and what are the best cuts of meat?

Fatty cuts are tastier; however, all cuts of meat can be prepared on the barbecue grill. The pleasure is in variety! The most recommended cuts are sirloin steak, rib eye steak, rump steak, flank steak and ribs.

5.How to know if the meat is ready?

Usually, depend on the tastes. The ideal for meat to preserve all its juices and their best flavor is to the point. This is how generally meat are consumed in countries such as Brazil and Argentina. In Colombia, it is preferred well-done.

6.What is the ideal combination for eating beef?

It can be served with a good with red wine or a beer.

7. What are the ideal meat accompaniments?

Mashed potatoes, French fries, boiled potatoes, vegetables and salad, among others.

8.What kind of sauces are ideal for seasoning beef?

We recommend vinaigrette, barbecue sauce or mustard.

These recommendations are shared by Luciano Andrade, a specialist in beef production and distribution, for whom the most important thing when it comes to preparing a good barbecue are three things: good quality and reliable meat as delivered by Athena Foods in Colombia with its brand Minerva, characterized by its softness and succulence; creativity in culinary accompaniments; and of course, the best company.

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